Man Bypasses Social Media Blackout of Massive Australian Protests By Live-Streaming All Day Every Day

Citizen journalist wakes up millions to medical tyranny in Australia simply by “going live” on Facebook for 6+ hours a day

Hundreds of thousands of Australians have taken to the streets to protest forced in ject ions, but you’d never know it if not for a truly independent journalist who’s live-streaming it all on Facebook.

The Real Rukshan – a former wedding photographer – is waking up the world to the dystopian nightmare that Australia has become simply by pointing a camera at it.

Without any weddings to film during lockdown, Rukshan Fernando has turned his videography talent toward the masses of enraged Australian citizens that have been marching in Melbourne for nearly two weeks straight.

He’s beat Facebook’s algorithms against real news simply by “going live” for four, five, sometimes six hours a day. And the social media giant can’t “fact check” him, as he’s simply pointing a camera at what he sees.

Even with Facebook’s shadow censorship of all posts that mention the unspeakable word that starts with a V and rhymes with Maxine, some of his videos have gotten over 2 million views, and that’s on Facebook alone.

He also posts shorter video clips on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and Youtube.

The videos show tens of thousands protestors at a time, angrily, but mostly peacefully, marching on city streets and assembling on government monuments, often facing off with armies of police in riot gear.

Almost every stand-off ends with police firing tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray against an entirely disarmed populace (thanks to the government confiscating the peoples’ guns in the ’90s).

One day the crowd was comprised of an estimated 70,000 construction workers and their supporters, some of whom hurled cans at the windows of their trade union headquarters, which they say no longer represents them because it has caved to the “no jab, no job” policies coming from on high.

After that, the protestors took over a freeway.

Another day, a more peaceful crowd of medical workers sat socially distanced and masked across a public park with signs saying “we are being silenced” and “coercion is not consent.”

Even though they were 6 feet apart, the riot police chased them away.

Another day freedom fighters from all walks of life gathered at the Shrine of Remembrance, a memorial to Australian veterans. After peacefully holding their ground for several hours, demonstrators were finally sent running and screaming with their hands in the air as police fired various projectiles at them.



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Most recently, Rukshan has been filming Melbourne’s eerily vacant, post-protest streets, which are lined with about a dozen police per citizen, per block. His live coverage shows about half a dozen people being arrested within a few-block-radius, within a span of less than 2 hours.

One woman was arrested after being identified as being present at one of the protests earlier in the week, another simply for filming the frightening police presence on the street.

Others have been arrested for not wearing a mask, or for traveling more than 10 kilometers from home without a pass port. Those who’ve gotten the you-know-what can travel 10 kilometers from home.

If not for Rukshan’s coverage, it is likely no one outside of Australia would know about the extent of the police state developing there, as the mainstream media has provided no coverage of the protests except to “debunk” Rukshan’s live videos.

For his amazing, non-profit work, Rukshan has been pepper sprayed, stalked at his home by police,  and mocked mercilessly by the mainstream media, simply for pointing his camera at what’s happening. He’s also received numerous death threats by anonymous phone numbers.

Let’s help him continue to the shine truth through the gatekeepers’ cracks.