Nearly 20% of American Families Now Homeschool, Up From 3% Two Years Ago

One in five American families now forgo the “free” childcare provided by public schools, in favor of educating their children at home


Nearly 1 in 5 American families have pulled their kids out of school, up from 1 in 30 before the pandemic, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

For nearly two decades (1999-2017), the number of U.S. households homeschooling their children hovered around 3.3%, according to the National Center for Education Statistics

But in April of 2020, that number suddenly started to shoot up… so much so that the U.S. Census Bureau began tracking the trend bi-monthly.

By the end of April, it had reached 5.4%. By fall, it hit 11%. And by May of 2021, it hit 19.5%.

The Home School Legal Defense Association expects that number to continue to rise throughout 2022.