France’s First Public Hempcrete Building Makes Case for Hemp Replacing Concrete

July 23, 2022 at 9:54 pm

Hempcrete bricks are lighter, stronger, more sustainable, fire-proof, and far more insulating than concrete. They’ll be cheaper too, when governments stop limiting the number of growers.

The new 4000-square-foot Pierre Chevet Sports Center, just outside Paris, is France’s first government-sponsored hempcrete building.

The architects chose to build the gymnasium from hempcrete rather than the typical concrete because of it’s thermal and acoustic properties.

The walls are in-filled with hempcrete blocks covered with cement-fiber panels to protect them from rain.

Although the upfront cost of hempcrete is still more than concrete (thanks to governments limiting the number of permitted hemp growers), taxpayers will save money on cooling and heating in the long-run, thanks to hempcrete’s built-in insulation.

Additionally, hempcrete is virtually fireproof and stronger than concrete, even though it weighs about an eighth of what concrete weighs, making it easier to work with.

Hempcrete is cheaper than wood, and would be cheaper than concrete too if governments didn’t require special permits to grow it… especially since the planet is running out of sand thanks to all the concrete buildings.

Hempcrete bricks can also be 3D printed, making the building process even easier!