Man Makes Adorable Acorn People and Sends Them on Magical Adventures in the Woods

September 21, 2022 at 12:01 am

This guy makes elaborate “acorn elves” and photographs them in the most hilarious poses

After moving to a small house in the woods, a Czech man and his kids started gathering chestnuts and acorns on their fall walks in the forest.

To entertain themselves they’d glue them together in the shapes of various animals and people. Over time, they got super creative with the hobby.

They arrange the little “acorn elves” into all kinds of hilarious poses and photograph them embarking on all kinds of adventures together.

The elves seem to have a good “work/life balance”…

With plenty of time for boat rides…

Motorcycle rides…

And taking dips in natural “hot springs:”

And the artist even created a little “acorn elf” romance!

After a photo of an acorn elf on the toilet went viral on social media, the artist made his photos into postcards, calendars and t-shirts that are now for sale on his website.

You can follow the elves on Facebook or Instagram to keep track of their latest shenanigans.