Bill Gates is Now the Largest Owner of American Farmland, Located Along America’s Most Important Rivers

The bio-tech billionaire has bought up 242,000 acres located along almost the exact same course as America’s most important rivers!

The world’s 4th richest man has quietly snatched up a nearly a quarter of a million acres of American farmland in recent years, according to The Land Report.

As the world’s most successful software company owner, Bill Gate’s sudden interest in farming may come as a surprise to some… but not to those who’ve been paying attention.

For years, he’s had his hands in not only software engineering, but the genetic engineering of food, mosquitoes and humans (via “gene therapy”).

Last year, we learned he’s spent millions promoting programs pushing GMO seeds on poor farmers in “developing” countries in the name of “ending world hunger.”

This makes sense when you consider he bought 500,000 shares in Monsanto in 2010 (worth $23 million at the time).

Now, he’s launched an agricultural arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, called Gates Ag One.

The Gates Ag One foundation will partner with Microsoft, Bayer (Monsanto),  DuPont, Syngenta and governments around the world to develop “super crops” that can “withstand climate change” as well as higher-yield dairy cows.

He’s also the largest individual donor to the World Health Organization (aside from the U.S. taxpayers, as a whole).

So far, Gates’ farmland portfolio spans 18 states with his largest holdings in Louisiana (70,000 acres), Arkansas (50,000 acres), Arizona (25,000 acres) and Nebraska (20,000 acres).

And when a map of those states is placed side by side with a map of the most important U.S. rivers, a concerning pattern emerges, especially to those who understand what industrial agriculture does to our waterways.

Gates now owns more American farmland than any other private individual, according to Forbes.