Bird Feeder Comes Partially Inside Your Home for Incredible Viewing

This peek-a-boo window bird feeder is a bird watcher’s best friend!

Some genius has created a clear, plexiglass bird feeder that protrudes into your home for close encounters with your favorite feathered friends!


The see-through feeding box fits into any single or double-hung window, 27-36 inches wide, like an air conditioning unit.

The semi-cylindrical shape allows birds to come almost a full foot into your home for an up-close-and-personal view and great photo ops.


Place the feeder in the kitchen window to make washing dishes more fun, or the dining room to share a meal with the birds, or your bedroom to wake up to a bird staring at you while you sleep.

A sliding door on top allows you to restock bird food from inside your home.

You may attract other critters like squirrels and chipmunks too!

You can get your own in-house bird feeder on Amazon for $200. Or if you want something cheaper and simpler, you could try one of these stick-on, suction-cup, feeders: