Turn Any Log into a Stove with this Simple Gadget

Simple, lightweight gadget transforms a log into a stove anywhere you need one

Based on an ancient Northern European cooking concept known as the “Swedish Fire Torch” or “Canadian Candle,” a simple gadget called the MITI-001 allows you to turn any log into a cooking stove:

The lightweight, stainless steel contraption is small and easy to carry on a backpacking or camping trip. All you need is it, an ax and a pot or pan and you can eat anywhere.

Just follow these 7 simple steps:

1. Find a log 7.5-9 inches in diameter, 12-14 inches tall.

2. Split it into four equal pieces.

3. Stand them up in their original shape, about an inch apart on flat ground.

4. Place the four separators between the pieces.

5. Place four retaining rods to secure and tighten pieces together in whatever hole accommodates your log’s size.

6. Start your fire. The spaces between the logs allow a powerful airflow that will consume the log from the inside.

7. Place your pot or pan on the grill and cook!

You can buy your own Swedish Fire Torch on Amazon by clicking here. You’ll never need to buy propane or haul around a heavy camping stove again.