Why Did Musk Kick Ye Off Twitter for Posting the Trademarked Symbol of the Pacifist Raëlian Religion?

Musk has actually been given the title of “honorary guide” by the leaders of ian religion, who say their ancient symbol actually represents peace and non-violence

In Bizarro World this week, Elon Musk kicked Ye off Twitter and said he “wanted to punch” him for “inciting violence” by posting the symbol of a pacifist religion that Musk actually has ties to.

You can’t make this stuff up… so if you think I am, please click through the highlighted links to the original sources.

“I personally wanted to punch Kanye, so that was definitely inciting me to violence. That’s not cool,” Musk said during a question-and-answer session on “Twitter Spaces” on Saturday.

“At a certain point, you have to say, what is incitement to violence? Because that is against the law in the US. You can’t just form a ‘let’s go murder someone’ club,” Musk said. “I think posting swastikas in what is obviously not a good way is incitement to violence.”

But the symbol (part of which was hijacked by the Nazis) actually represents peace and love, an is one of the oldest symbols in the world, according to the leaders of religion called Raëlianism.

The UFO-worshiping religion was founded in 1973, when a French man by the name of , later named , claims to have been abducted by aliens, who called themselves Elohim, who claimed to be scientists, who created humanity in a laboratory on another planet… I mean… we’ve all heard stranger stories about our origins.

According to Rael.org, the Elohim apparently are trying to bring a message of peace, love and freedom (especially sexual freedom) to Earth, and the ONLY rule in their religion is non-violence, so to suggest their trademarked symbol is an “incitement of violence” is actually pretty absurd.

And, what’s even weirder is honored Elon Musk with the title of “Honorary Guide of Humanity” earlier this year for purchasing Twitter and “promoting free speech.”

Their website also praises Musk in several articles for his work toward merging humanity with A.I. and his belief in aliens.

Musk shares the title with a strange bunch of “celebrities” over the years, including Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Sinead O’Connor.

But it seems now the ians are upset with Musk for reneging on his promise of “free-speech absolutism”:

“While Elon Musk was made a Honorary Guide for Humanity by the Raelian Movement not too long ago for his support on freedom of speech, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the true origin and meaning of the oldest symbol on Earth, which comes from our extraterrestrial creators, referred to as, ‘Elohim’ in the Hebrew Bible,” said Thomas Kaenzig, leader of the US Raelian Movement.

“The Star of David represents infinity in space and the Swastika infinity in time. Our official symbol is love and can be found around the planet in countless cultures and scriptures, namely also on the Tibetan Book of the Dead.”

“The swastika symbol itself has been a symbol of peace and auspiciousness for millennia and is a religious symbol for the billions of Hindus, Buddhists, Raelians and others.”

“Banning the display of our official symbol is outright religious discrimination and we hope that Mr. Musk, who claims to be a free-speech advocate, will also reactivate the post displaying our symbol. Let us always choose education over bans and suppression of freedom of speech.”

The Raelian philosophy states that the Jewish people are our creators’ (the Elohim) “chosen” people. These advanced scientists from another planet gifted us with this symbol of infinity containing both the Star of David and the Swastika.

Therefore, every real Jew should revere this symbol and not be blinded by the abuse of the swastika by the Nazis. In the same vein, the use of the swastika to express antisemitism is ridiculous and outdated, and to this end, we will continue to intensify our pro-swastika rehabilitation campaigns worldwide to restore the true meaning of this “fundamental” symbol.”

It seems ians may also regret giving the title of “honorary guide” to Gates, as well, as they have stated they are against the new waxxine several times on their website.