Indian State Introduces Bamboo Water Bottles, After Banning Plastic Ones

The all-organic state of Sikkim is making disposable/reusable bamboo water bottles for tourists to encourage them to stop littering

The Indian state of Sikkim made headlines recently for becoming the first 100% certified organic state in the world.

The state also became the first in India to ban the use of plastic water bottles and other single-use plastics over 20 years ago.

But as Sikkim’s popularity as an eco-tourism destination has grown, so has the number of plastic water bottles left behind by tourists.

To keep the Himalayan paradise pristine, the state is now asking to leave their plastic bottles at the border and to replace them with reusable bottles available at most shops.

The reusable options will now include bamboo water bottles made by a local Indian man. Priced between $3 and $5, they are reusable, but biodegradable in case they are disposed of or lost.

The bottles are sealed with a cork attached to a bamboo cap.

The town of Lachen purchased 1000 of the bottles to debut at its annual Tibetan New Years’ festival last month.