Man Calls Work “Unnatural,” Goes on Permanent Bicycle Adventure

“I’m not ashamed that I don’t like to work,” a 37-year-old cyclist adventurer told Business Insider two years ago. “It’s just very unnatural.”

Like Alexander Supertramp, “Ultra Romance” has rejected the capitalist industrialist system he was born into and gone Into the Wild.

He “works” (or plays) as a fishing guide on his dad’s charter boat back home in Connecticut about six months a year and travels the world by bicycle for the rest, living on about $10 a day.

“Benedict” (another name he calls himself for “tax reasons”) is not sure how much money he makes (he refuses to count it), but says he can live comfortably on about $10,000 a year. He keeps most of his cash buried in plastic bags and keeps a bank account only so he can buy and sell bicycle parts on eBay.

“I went to college and got the degree and was trying to … do the hustle right out of college,” Benedict told Business Insider. “Then it was like, I gotta get a house, I’m 24, I got all these student loans … Before you know it, things work out and you meet the right girl and you settle down and buy the house and have the mortgage payment and the cars.”

“But ultimately that was not going to be me.”

“I don’t like to work. I like to ride my bike and I like to camp … I’m not going to spend the best years of my life doing something completely meaningless.”

Instead Ultra Romance decided to model his life – in part – after hunter-gatherers, who he says took an average of 9 hours a week to procure everything they needed to live. “The rest was all leisure time,” he said. “This is what’s natural to us.”

“Paperwork and bills don’t work for me,” he said in the interview. “They were a big stressor in my life.”

So he eliminated them. He pieced together a bike and hit the road.

It took Benedict about six years to figure out the right work/play balance to support his ideal lifestyle. He’s not into budgeting, but says as long as there’s money in his bag he knows he “must be doing something right.”

“I don’t think too far into the future,” he says. “I think day by day.”

Benedict likes to “maximize relaxation” when he’s on the road (or trail). “I have no real goal. I just ride. It’s riding, setting up a hammock, taking a siesta, and chilling out.”

He prefers sleeping outside, sleeping indoors for only about two weeks per year.

As a mostly vegetarian nutrition major, Benedict has no problem feeding himself. He loves foraging for berries and “nutrient-dense weeds” and gets whatever he can’t find – including loads of yogurt and dark chocolate – at Whole Foods.

“If I’m near the coast I can get seaweed and crabs,” he said.

Without a mortgage, car payment or other bills, Benedict has been able to bike-tour beautiful landscapes all over the world, from Norway to New Zealand. Sometimes he rides alone, sometimes he rides with friends – old and new.

What inspired the name Ultra Romance remains a mystery. It could be the woman he almost settled down with before he broke free from civilization, the woman he currently wanders with, or his adventurous life in general (including all the women in between).

What is not a mystery is how much fun he is having. All you have to do is scroll through the breath-taking photos on one of his or his girlfriend’s Instagram accounts and look at their smiling faces:








139 responses to “Man Calls Work “Unnatural,” Goes on Permanent Bicycle Adventure”

  1. Alan Avatar

    How long does it take a hunter gatherer to produce the necessary raw materials to produce a modern bicycle? This guy’s just gaming the system and proclaiming himself free and natural while benefiting from the modern world. I don’t find this inspiring in the least.

    1. Brian Avatar

      Because he took a bike? Okay politicly correct and negative Nancy.

    2. Eric Thompson Avatar

      There’s some truth in what you’re saying; but don’t hate, letc hI’m play. Reality will catch up with this guy when his knees go bad and his Dad passes on. Then he’ll be trapped on that boat year round…

      1. Luis Caleiro Avatar
        Luis Caleiro

        But he lived.

        1. Charlie Avatar

          Exactly! My guess is the people that have the biggest issues with him are the people who are most unhappy with themselves.

          1. Chris Avatar

            I agree. Live and let live.

        2. Rob Avatar

          Yeah, he lived…. Off of his parents. He lives with his parents 6 months of the year working for them too. If my parents were loaded and could afford to do a part time fishing charter business in Connecticut like this guy, then I could make up a fake story like this and just travel the world off my folk’s bank roll.

      2. rediculin Avatar

        Reality has more options than that. He’ll be fine. He’s not afraid of work, just of getting trapped into a life he doesn’t love. I’m the same way. Never worked for more than minimum wage, mostly worked part time, yet I have a million dollars. It’s not that hard and not that big a deal if you have no addictions and spend less than you make.

        1. Demilition Avatar

          Rediculin never worked full time or more than minimum wage and yet you have a million dollars? what do you live on toilet roll? you are full of shit man

          1. leneya Avatar

            It’s impossible to work minimum wage and save millions of dollars.He already have his millions of dollars. he probably went to work to have fun.

          2. Morph Avatar

            Well mate its not about how much money you make, its what you do with it that counts. I knew of a lady who made 3bucks an hour and saved and save then invested a couple of thousand in facebook… now she is a millionaire. make sense?

      3. FG Avatar


        1. Rob Avatar

          Yeah just the envy that my rich parents couldn’t fit the bill for my laziness like this guy. I would love to work on my parent’s fishing charter part time 6 months of the year and then rely on my rich parents when I run out of money like this guy.

      4. Don boy Avatar
        Don boy

        You are imagining yourself at his position and you feel fear. That is where your comment comes from.
        It has nothing to do with this guy.

    3. Bright Avatar

      He could produce or gather those materials 100,000% quicker than working a job every week. He doesn’t have a house or car, that’s the real point, the next is love for nature to get away from regimented people like this comment. Also his knees don’t have to give out , could be fine till 90 years old, healthy lifestyle . I hate the job system , monopoly is boring and cities are ugly . Breathe the fresh air

    4. America Avatar

      I agree I don’t think this counts as breaking “free from civilization”

    5. Hanna Avatar

      If he wanted to be totally natural it’s possible. Look up bamboo bikes.

      1. Demilition Avatar

        it sis very hard to go where he goes with a bamboo bike..he would probably need one a day

      2. Brandon Avatar

        But he is in part sponsered by specialized though he doesn’t always ride their bikes

    6. T. Platypus Avatar
      T. Platypus

      Just goes to show, if you’re happy with your life, some bitter son of a bitch will find or invent a way to shit on it. ✌

      1. Jupiter Rising Avatar
        Jupiter Rising

        So true…

      2. Elen Avatar

        This!!! Somebody had to say it. I think some folks are so “in the system” that they can’t see how trapped they are by the very system that enslaves them :/

        1. Mio Avatar

          can’t? or more like, don’t want to see.

      3. Marley Avatar


      4. Jelly spoon Avatar
        Jelly spoon

        Exactly. Perfectly put. Why is that!?!?!

      5. Annie Avatar


      6. Fred Avatar

        Exactly, people just realizing that their 9 to 5 for the last 20 years is meaningless, and they’re been duped by the system.

      7. Laura Avatar


    7. Earth Avatar

      Agreed … how did he pay / barter for his tatoo’s or internet access for eBay or weed while traveling …wait maybe like everyone else : plundering nature (fishing)

    8. Rick Maddocks Avatar
      Rick Maddocks

      Oh for goodness sake. This guy lives on far less than you I suspect and gathers most of what he eats. He does without money whenever he can and, compared to a car or even a motorcycle, he pollutes far less while he travels. Would you please explain how using modern technology in a more responsible way while minimizing one’s impact on the earth is “gaming the system?”

      1. Marley Avatar

        Yep too…

      2. Jenny Avatar


      3. dundee Avatar

        Yep….I’m waiting for that explanation too.

    9. Eric Avatar

      Just exactly who doesn’t “game the system” and take advantage of the modern world? Presidents? Leaders? The wealthy? It’s all a game, kids.

    10. Alyssa Avatar

      I find this completely inspiring, to each his own, do I only want to live off the land, like we certainly did in the past, he’s free to travel wherever he would like without worrying about bills.. and meaningless work… which in my opinion all work is, including doctors and police officers and the like

      1. Love Avatar

        Ok so next time you need either one of them ,,Good luck ,, its not meaningless its called love ,, these people are there to help ,,if we all helped each other then the world would be a better place rather than being selfish pleasure seekers ,im pretty sure its called spirituality!

        1. Demilition Avatar

          if it was done for love idiot it wouldnt be called a profession and it wouldnt involve a paycheck it would be charity

    11. jayjay Avatar

      Gaming the system? This guy wants to enjoy life, he figured out that the hamster wheel most people ride most of their lives isn’t the only game in town. Absolutely no reason to resent this guy unless you are jealous.

    12. Daniel Weeden Avatar
      Daniel Weeden

      So if he were a banker then it would be okay? Did you watch the video? He works, just had lower financial requirements than most. So you are angry he doesn’t need much money? Seriously dude….

    13. Jim Avatar

      Of course you can’t find it inspiring, everything about this model of reality has conditioned you to be a corporate drone and slave. The fact the he see’s through the brainwashing and chooses to live beyond the slave matrix is what is truly irritating you, how dare he not be a slave like the rest of us.

      1. Kim Avatar


    14. Eloise Avatar

      Bitter much? Good on him

    15. Danielle Avatar

      Wow. Some people are just forever pissed at life…

    16. Haha Avatar

      no the system is “gaming” you, hence your bitterness and negativity

    17. CINDY HARVELL Avatar

      He does work for a living. He just doesn’t need to work 40 hours a week all year long. He doesn’t need all the crap you are working for.

    18. Ken Avatar

      Then bud i really with every bit of my being wish you the neccisary revolution of mind that actually lets you start living.

    19. LL Avatar

      He’s not trying to earn a title of “Man who lives without any amenities from the modern world.” He’s just creating a life that he likes living. It’s a little scary that we can be so sucked up in a competition mindset that we can’t even see when people aren’t trying to compete.

      1. Attila Avatar

        Perfectly put

    20. Gandolf Avatar

      You sir are a tosser!

    21. Josh Avatar

      Open your mind, don’t hate, maybe the sheep life is for you.

    22. Anthony Avatar

      The invention of the bike is pretty simple. If he or anyone had to… they could find out how to make one. Tbe problem comes with metal. Procuring metal on your own through blowing techniques with long woodem tubes and clay pots would take an awful long time… hyperventilation and headaches for enough metal to make a bike. Though, you could study recent inventions in a library since knowledge is free. Or make a bamboo bike. It is all possible.

      1. Anthony Avatar

        The real question is… this poor man moving away from society started an instagram? Has a phone? So it begs to the question.. if everyone were just like him hlw he is now… would that be good for society?

    23. Alex Avatar

      imagine if everyone had his attitude we would still be shiting in the woods and picking barries lol. bet he’s a sanders supporter

    24. mike Avatar

      Alan, you’re a moron. enjoy

    25. Salma nassif Avatar

      He does go to whole foods for dark chocolate.. And he did say he balances work with play so that work can be fun and play can be an adventure that helps him learn and grow and discover. We need the products of modern life.. All of us living the life he lives.. And we aren’t denying that. But we dont need much of it.. Beware thats the difference between cozy minimalism that frees us and the consumerism that enslaves the masses like you who can never understand how simple yet rewarding ife can be if u can see something deeper there that people addicted to consumerism can never see.. He can do without bike too btw but he doesn’t have to. Why would he wouldn’t that be stupid?

    26. Melissa Johnson Avatar
      Melissa Johnson

      Why so critical about a beautiful ideal?? Why is it a typical knee jerk reaction to knock, mock or basically slander another human being?? You should really be honest with yourself before answering with the first nasty thing that pops into your head for me asking a simple question
      Thanx, M.

    27. Greg Avatar

      Uhhh, he still works 6 months a year. He’s not “gaming the system” he’s living his live the way he wants to. You don’t get it and probably never will.

  2. Marian Avatar

    @Sara Burrows, Hi, did you wrote this article? Man Calls Work “Unnatural” – Goes on Permanent “Vacation” U meet Benedict in person or u copy the story from somewhere else? Is there any contact information from him that u can give us? It was nice if u finished the article saying something like “if you want to know more about Benedict or how to be in permanente vacation you can contact him at… He has no FB, email…?
    Thank you

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      I did not interview him. Looks like the best way to contact him is via Instagram, where he does the majority of his communications. Links to his two instagram accounts are at the bottom of the story 🙂

      1. Ragnar Vagmörnasson Avatar
        Ragnar Vagmörnasson

        Oh aye… And where did he “hunt/gather a computer to use “inta… what?” Any way, hardly “free of all ties” is he? Why did he feel the need to contact the media? Short of a bit of cash for his electric bill/internet connection, was he?

        1. lob Avatar

          I do the same thing with my wi-fi phone that costs $10 a month from Republic Wireless. Wi-fi is free and at any old country diner these days.

        2. Roman Wilde Avatar

          Ragnar joins the ranks of bitter old whiners lol. He used a public bathroom! A computer at a library! Burn the witch, lol get bent, the kid is freer than you will ever be, your response trembles with fear, free your mind.

      2. Chris Avatar

        If you didn’t contact him, how exactly are you writing a story about him?

        1. Sara Burrows Avatar

          It’s called reading.

    2. Eric Avatar

      Nice try, IRS.

    3. Rob C Avatar
      Rob C

      I am with the IRS, I would like to contact Benedict.

      1. Mary Avatar

        If that’s his real name. 😉

    4. Darren Fleming Avatar
      Darren Fleming

      why would he want to be contactable? He’d just get a load of shit of people for being different. If your going to live this way the last thing you need is facebook. Facebook is part of the rat race. Part of the control.

  3. john Avatar

    Love it.
    Live life.

  4. VGI Avatar


  5. Theo Avatar

    Where did he come up with the idea that hunter gatherers only worked nine hours a week to procure their living materials? How did he come by that number? I seriously want to know. I don’t think there’s an ounce of truth or realism in that statement. It smacks of naivete.

    1. Per Hakon Avatar
      Per Hakon

      Actually two hours a day is a common calculation from experts on this field. They did not have many possessions, they only needed tools and food. When the food was out in one area they could just head to the next one (there were also much less people on the planet). In addition each family only had two kids mostly so there were less mouths to feed than in the later agricultural societies. The individual probably had a much healthier and more stimulating life then the farmers who lived after the agricultural revolution.

      I am not saying we should go back to the Stone Age, but it is worth reflecting on how much we actually need in life. This guy has used his freedom that today’s society gave him and created a good life for himself, inside the system of today. What is the problem with that?

  6. Robert Schrader Avatar

    If he wasn’t so privileged, both in terms of material wealth and being a bro (straight, white man), his “permanent vacation” wouldn’t be possible.

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      I’m sure it thoroughly pisses you off that he’s free doesn’t it? You probably feel like he’s robbing you by not producing more for you and the system, right?

    2. Mary Avatar

      Yes – he is insufferable. I’m glad his daddy worked so hard so that he could be a part time fishing guide in Connecticut on Dad’s boat. His first world gear indicates he is not quite as “independent” as he likes to believe with his 10K income. If his family doesn’t mind supporting him, fine – that is absolutely their prerogative. But he is not some noble example of anything except, as Robert mentions, Spoiled, Entitled, White, Male, Privilege (SEWMP). Find someone who REALLY lives a simple life – they probably don’t have internet access. Work is a healthy and important part of a balanced life. It’s not everything, but it is something. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

      1. P.J. Avatar

        I feel like SWAMP is a better acronym – Spoiled White American Male Privilege 🙂

      2. Gary Avatar

        How is this guy spoiled? He did have a career, he did own a house at one time, and he does work. He sold his house and his cars. He lives off that money and supplements by working 6 months out of the year. If you lead a simple life, you don’t need much money at all.

    3. Per Hakon Avatar
      Per Hakon

      Actually two hours a day is a common calculation from experts on this field. They did not have many possessions, they only needed tools and food. When the food was out in one area they could just head to the next one (there were also much less people on the planet). In addition each family only had two kids mostly so there were less mouths to feed than in the later agricultural societies. The individual probably had a much healthier and more stimulating life then the farmers who lived after the agricultural revolution.

      I am not saying we should go back to the Stone Age, but it is worth reflecting on how much we actually need in life. This guy has used his freedom that today’s society gave him and created a good life for himself, inside the system of today. What is the problem with that?

  7. Keath Avatar

    Looks like someone may have a financially stable dad in Connecticut footing the bill.

  8. Reverend Joseph Rittenhouse Avatar
    Reverend Joseph Rittenhouse

    Unlike many stories, the comments section is as illuminating as the article.

    I’m certain when his knees “go bad” on him, he’ll do like the rest of us when our bodies age. Adapt. Persevere. I see little significant difference between his knees going bad as an adventurer or by making someone else rich…except that his knees are probably going to be healthier than most everyone elses at relative ages…because he isn’t tearing them up. I’m certain when they start hurting, he just takes a break like any sensible Zen student would do…when hungry eat, when tired sleep.

    When his dad dies, he’ll probably do what the rest of us do when our parents pass on…adapt..whether or not one is living in their parents basement eating cheetos or living on their boat…or on our own…it isn’t so much different from one person to the next. Parents passing on is going to happen to just about everyone, and just about everyone does the same thing. They adapt and move on.

    Gaming the system? Have you been paying attention? Who isn’t? Trump? Monsanto? The Organic Farmer working dawn to dusk? The 7-11 cashier who spends his free time enjoying the freedom of a low responsibility life playing WoW and making meme’s on 4-chan? The professional politician selecting his lobby carefully…whether for money or ideals? You? Me?

    We all pick our level of gaming the system. That is the whole point to having a system, to allow people to select the life they find meaningful and important. Even without a formal system with agreed upon “rules” of participation, we Game it. I game my copper wire and gemstone beads just to make the jewelry I make with my own hands. I’ve been working with it for years, and I understand sinple things I can do to make the things I want to make….this is gaming at its finest because it games the simple nature of the materials I utilize.

    I wouldn’t choose this life for myself, apart from not feeling guilty about the life I choose just because someone has some artificial value system that they themselves game in order to justify to themselves why exactly they are working 70 hour work weeks to put food on the table.

    This guy seems to have a solution as simple as Diogenes the Cynic.

    No table. No need for a house to put it in. No need to put food on it. He just goes out and eats.

    I think people suspect this guy is “cheating” the system because he’s living the dream they all want to live…freedom, minimal work week, leisure time to spare…without all the toxic side effects of wars in third world countries to “protect the Consumer dream” (it isn’t an American dream at all, folks).

    People feel like he cheated just because he discovered he DIDN’T NEED all the things people feel like they need to live the life he wanted.

    I have no problem with the lawyer dedicating 80+ hours a week to his profession, the Doctor who devotes his life obsessively to saving lives in the graveyard shift ER, the Garbage Man who does the job few other people want. The factory worker who enjoys the zen-like repetition of tasks.

    Choose your life. Live it. Don’t accept what people tell you is “required”. Don’t shoulder the burdens you don’t want. Don’t sellout to the shell game, unless, of course, you happen to like shellgames. Its pretty simple. Choose the life you want, count the cost. Be happy.

    It is your own fault if you don’t.

    You like work? (I like work) Work.

    Don’t like working to make someone else wealthy, stop.

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      This is so good! I love it! I would like to quote you a couple of times in a follow-up piece about the virtue of being “lazy.”

      You’re brilliant! Can you friend me on Facebook? Sara Burrows

    2. Linda Abrams Avatar
      Linda Abrams

      Now this is a display of love intelligence~ brilliant!

    3. Sandra Avatar

      So well put. I see a lot of bitterness and envy in many of the reactions to this article. I have lived my life as I thought I was supposed to…work,save, buy, work, etc.
      I had a friend who worked for 6 months every year at two jobs, then took off to another country to learn the language and absorb the culture for the rest of the year. How I envied her. I envied instead of following my dream, because I was brought up to believe in the system!!! I just assumed that I HAD to work! Yes if I had to do it again, I would follow a different path. I am now 70 and have some regrets. Kudos to this young man for following his dream. As he ages things might change but for now he is doing what a lot of us wish we had done.

    4. Carl Avatar

      Can I just say I love this post?

      People have been looking at me, cynically for years. I never wanted to really work at all, and really still don’t. I work jobs that are flexible, not 9 to 5 5 day a week jobs like most people say I should do. I’ve been getting by fine part time jobbing for over 20 years.

      Do I have my own house? No. Do I want to pay for one as a “status symbol” like most use it as? No.

      Do I really care for a “status system penis measuring contest” people make like as? NO.

      I am always attacked about my ethics on work.

      I never went so far as to tour as a true woodsman, like the man, that is 3 year younger than me mind you, on a bike, but I’ve wanted to.

      I guess I just don’t want to be truly on my own and alone, but he isn’t there is someone in his life still that wants to be in his journey. I didn’t find a companion for a said “journey” in my life.

  9. Daniel Weeden Avatar
    Daniel Weeden

    Sorry, am i the only one who noticed this is simply an advert for specialised? Was loving this site, but now I’m gone. What pesimistic​ journalism, playing on people’s primal dreams. You should be ashamed.

  10. Vanesa Avatar

    I love it! But he meant Chris MacCandless, who was the man who inspired the movie Into the wild (who named him self Alexander Supertramp

  11. Rob C Avatar
    Rob C

    I think most people would love to live a lifestyle like this in one form or another -at the very least, we have no real burning desire to work (I know I don’t).

    But for most of us the one thing that separates us from Benedict is that we don’t have a Dad we can work for 6 months out of the year.

    For most of us, if we stop cycling, we wind up spending a month (or two) sending out resumes hoping someone will hire us.

    Anyway, kudo’s to Benedict for living his life his way.

  12. thomas Avatar

    He “works” (or plays) as a fishing guide on his dad’s charter boat back home in Connecticut about six months

    so he works as a guide in his father company and spend the rest of the year playing around knowing that if something goes wrong his father is gonna cove his ass……. that a sea of bullshit!!!

  13. Dave Avatar

    His story was in Bicycling Magazine. Most of this is taken from there. The Bicycling Magazine article was well written and it was more about riding and less about not liking work.

  14. Russel Avatar

    I think he was lucky dad was born first ,

  15. Rocky Avatar

    he is a lazy bum call it what it is

  16. yves Avatar

    I am ” only” working as a volunteer , due to a combination of physical and mental issues that keep me limited in my daily hoices. Yep , thats about it … and it’s been taking me years to accept and settle for this alternative live , which I’ve never subscribed to but … hence it is what it is !
    Still struggeling with my self esteem and high standards ( I think ) of responsebility and self awareness .
    So , I love the way this man believes in the road he’s chosen .
    Whish I could 😉

  17. Pat Avatar

    Moron, who will pay his pension and what if he breaks his leg?

  18. David Robertson Avatar

    INSPIRATIONAL and the way forward. #Basicincome should and will be a reality.

  19. Mark Avatar

    Homeless in the city. Similar. Living of trash. No money needed.

  20. Mark Frankowiak Avatar
    Mark Frankowiak

    Homeless in the city. Similar. Living of trash. No money needed.

  21. Sherry Avatar

    Homeless, day laborer. vs. Untethered wanderer. It’s really just in the verbiage. I’m just curious how “unnatural” work and income seems when you finally get “old” and need something less transient. Even George “Billy Goat” Woodard who, in his late 70s still wanders around the Pacific Crest Trail needs a place of comfort to lay his head and buy some cheese. I like the spirit of the wanderer, but don’t like the boney finger pointing / condescension of someone is has “leveled up”.

  22. liz gorman Avatar
    liz gorman

    thats all fine and dandy when you are young but what happens when your 65 and no pension or warm home to go to , when you are sore and creaky from all that bike riding.

  23. Lame Avatar

    Must be nice to have daddys boat to mooch off of

  24. Becky Avatar

    You don’t have to have a Dad with a boat to have a seasonal or part of the year job. Examples: cruise ships, summer camps, adventure tours. (

    If this guy didn’t happen to have a Dad with a boat he’d probably work on someone else’s boat (or as an adventure guide, etc.). Being a fishing guide is a good paying job regardless of who you work for (

  25. aaron Avatar

    it’s great to see people bitching and fighting over this! even jesus was a fisherman for christs sake! god made the fish and people want to eat them. what do you eat? cow? pork? vegan ass hippies eat salad? it’s great to love nature and ride a crappy bike. bikes are friggin cheap and low impact compared to cars or electric cars. anyone can attempt to argue that but they’re fucking stupid to try. let the hippie have a little fun and let the yuppie build his wealth. we all die soon enough. i’m going on a bike ride!
    thanks for the inspiration weird hippie dude! i hope you get laid more.

  26. Love Avatar

    I like that this guy works and then lives meagerly ,,if he werent working at all and just dole bludging it would be different ,,seems his needs are simple and thats refreshing in a world gone mad in need of every gadget and plastic everywhere,, im taking that from this ,,he is responsible enough to work and spiritual enough to know he needs down time and lots of nature andless consumerism1 Bravo Benedicto! 🙂

  27. Alix Avatar

    Looking to do something similar but a bit bigger! Check it out.

  28. anthony rodriguez Avatar

    I am about in agreement with Love i did the A.T. in 1999 and if not for my family in Mi. would be close to doing the same thing. Currently working 2 jobs 7 days a week since Nov. 1st 2016 to do my second CDT 5thru-hike in June and second Triple Crown, do what you like & what you need, more balls less chains.

  29. Mike Avatar

    This is a beautiful article.

    I am a prisoner of my own life. I went to college, I got married, I have a kid. We have a mortgage, a house, a yard, full time jobs, retirement savings, kid college savings, student debt in the triple digits. We have cars, Netflix, a couple of weeks of vacation a year.

    And I hate it. The suffocation is debilitating, and there’s no possibility of an end.

    I am happy this man is living his life, if for no other reason than to honor those of us who have wasted our own.

    1. Sara Burrows Avatar

      Thanks for your honesty!

    2. Alan Avatar

      What a sad post.

      I’m married, we have two kids and my wife is a traditional stay at home Mom like my own mother was.

      We don’t watch TV, we have a garden, we drive inexpensive cars and live within our means. We take two wonderful vacations every year.

      I love my life. I wouldn’t trade it for a billion dollars with the subject of this article.

      1. Christy Avatar

        I agree. My husband and I are self employed, have 6 kids, homeschool, homestead, garden, spend lots of time outdoors enjoying nature, also drive old paid for cars, have no debt except what’s left on our fixer upper house that we bought 4 years ago and hope to pay off this year.

        We live on some rural property where our kids can enjoy things like camping, climbing trees, bike riding, creeks, etc. We are so blessed, Oh, and no TV here either, but we do have one computer. I don’t even want to take vacations as I feel like I live in a little cabin in the woods as it is. We are all very happy here. It’s much easier for me to stay home than try to pack us all up for a trip.

        I’d recommend Dave Ramsey’s teachings for anyone suffocating in debt who wants to be free. You don’t have to be a nomad to enjoy life. Anyone can work towards paying off debt and enjoying a simpler, less stressful life.

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  31. FENIL Avatar

    He is doing what we should have all done since we came into this stupid thing called inventions which is destroying nature and please don’t comment about his knees. he is well and will be fine because his love for nature and his bicycle workout will keep him fit……and there is help outside everywhere ……………at least he is living a life called EXPLORE THE NATURE, PLACES AND PEOPLE THEIR TRADITIONS CULTURES…………..not like us working our asses of to pay bills and good house………..we meant to live and explore this place

  32. Dharma Bum Avatar

    I just found my new hero!

  33. D Smith Avatar
    D Smith

    Oh look at all the negative nellies!!! Lol.
    Crabs in a bucket. He escaped and you’re all trying to bring him back into the captive bucket life. The dad comment? Yikes.
    This man is badass awesome amazing!
    He is ALIVE! He is living as each of us desires and should live. He is an inspiration! Rock on wildman!!

  34. Mike Avatar

    Right on! Chase a Different Carrot my brother! Game the system, cheat it, default it, scam it…its killing us all. Live instead of making a living with whatever time you/we have left.

  35. […] I read the story, and honestly, I’m conflicted. […]

  36. Rachel Avatar

    Good on him. When you’re traveling it really doesn’t take much to finance living, lots of people don’t realise just how little you can get by on and that press relatively easy to find bits and bobs of work to keep you going. Must if it’s have had some help from our parents in one way or another and there is no shame in that. I expect we would all like to be able to do the same for our kids so they don’t have to suffer the daily grind for their entire life. Realistically most people are working for someone else who benefits more than them from their labour. In a rich western country it’s not actually necessary for people to work so much. If the ideals of capitalism and profits were not held above all else people could have more freedom in their lives. He seems like he’s got a happy existence which is more than many have.

  37. Jviole Avatar

    I say right on brother. More people need to ditch this fucked up system full of fools. Following this bullshit that we’ve been train to do in order to make money for corporate fucks. Fuck em all.

  38. aunty matter Avatar
    aunty matter

    good on him! i bet his life to date would make a more interesting read than most and in my opinion thats what matters, once your basic needs have been met. or you could spend your life working, spending, showing off, paying your mortgage off and numbing the boredom with alcohol and junk food. then drop dead from a stress induced heart attack the day after you retire. bank account full. system 1 – you 0

  39. Earth is flat Avatar

    Hahaha i love all the negative stuff people push out of their eating hole when they see some one being happy. Get triggerd much?

  40. Juan Avatar

    Thing is, only a few can live like this because if most people tried there would be no:

    – internet, eBay, Instagram
    – bicycle/camping gear manufacturers/distributors/sellers
    – decent roads to ride on
    – protected parks, clean water
    – medicine, hospital visits
    – whatever else this person needs to keep going

    Can you really imagine loads of people wandering around, picking berries and pulling weeds? Society would break down. Anarchy. Ultimately he is as a societal parasite.

    Yet, the vast majority of people will not emulate his lifestyle so the apocalypse I described above is not remotely probable.

    His story does serve a good purpose in that it may break some people out of their bubble long enough to ponder their life and whether they can make a few healthy changes.

  41. S.M. Avatar

    I don’t see why so many commenters want him to fail or be stuck in a job he hates.

    Also, leaving city life and sleeping outside is way more serious and real than most people know. Using modern stuff isn’t somehow wrong. He didn’t say he was going cave-man.

    Living outside is amazing for people that are part of nature.
    I lived almost entirely outside on a mountain. It’s the only way for me… Although I’m stuck in a populated area with little outdoor space now.
    I’m from a rural area… Spent some time in town, got sick and need to be a woods person.

  42. Bubbless Avatar

    Good for him. Pursuit of happiness is liberty at its finest.

  43. Alan Avatar

    …”has rejected the capitalist industrialist system he was born into”…

    Yet doesn’t reject the capitalist industrialist pay he receives from his employment, which is the essence of what allows him his freedom.

    Capitalism works.

    This should be re-titled, “Me, me, me.

  44. Sarah Smith Avatar

    This guy is my hero. I’ve given some thought recently to this sort of thing. I’ve wondered how far fetched it is for me to sell all of my belongings, and get a tent and a bike and basically move to the woods and just spend my time doing things I actually like to do. And just work part time to make enough money to eat and travel occasionally. It turns out I’m just too much of a pussy to do it. This guy actually did it. Good for him! He’s free-ish, and that’s a hell of a lot better than I am. We work all our lives, and for what? So that we can retire when we’re 70 and then drop dead of cancer 5 years later? That’s just what happened to my father, and I don’t want that to be me. Anyway, I’m happy for this guy and I hope it all works out for him.

  45. Raf Avatar

    Haha. A lot of tears in comments from people who have shitty and boring lives. He’s hustling the system, hustling life. He’s doing shit and is happy. Don’t hate the man. Get out and live life yourselves

  46. Gail Avatar

    Spirit of arrested development. A piece of the soul (Mind Will Emotion) remains at the age where trauma, abuse, rejection, or a broken heart took place.

    Person can even have a University degree, but in one area of the soul, the area of woundedness, one can remain. An area where one can ride their bike. A child riding their bike is not ready to work as an adult. Many things can be involved. Fear of failure, fear of man, fear of failing a parent, not able to live up to a parent’s expectations because it is a safer place with my bike.

    Do you see the rise in adult coloring books?

    When we FORGIVE: (Ourselves Other’s God) It Removes Anger Hatred Resentment Bitterness

    When we REPENT: It removes Shae Guilt Regrets Sorrows

    We can do all the exercise and eat the best foods. If there are spiritual roots not addressed, eventually the chemicals that have been pumping from negative thinking will cause disease, bondage, and mental illness.

  47. Art Avatar

    And if everyone did that??

  48. Dustyrhino Avatar

    I wonder what he’ll say when this ant tells the grasshopper to pack sand. His choice though.
    Personally I found work pretty engaging, didn’t breed and my wife and I live(d) a fairly reasonable life on a moderate income free from most of the stress, self employed doing what I like. We lived well withing our means so the “rat race” was just riding the thermals out of harms way. There are plenty of scraps if you have a strong constitution.

  49. Gary Palmer Avatar
    Gary Palmer

    $10,000 a year? I have been on the road by bicycle for 36 years and from the start have only worked an average of 3 months a year during Memorial Day to Labor Day, making about $9,000 a summer, spend more on rent in town working than I do the 9 months I take off Sept-May. I live on about $200 a month or less than $2000 for 9 months. That’s about $7 a day.
    I started out by hitchhiking from June 1977 to Oct 1982 when I took to bike touring. I have been about 300,000 miles since my first tour in the fall of ’82 and have done 70 bike tours since. I never learned to drive and have never had a license to. I was 26 when I did my first tour and am now 62.
    Life on the road is great! I also do a lot of backpacking and have been all over the USA, Canada and Alaska by foot and bike.

  50. Jade Avatar

    reality is he is having fun and doing what most dream of and how he does it is irrelevant – his footprint on the planet is positive and far better than than most – his moment is not impacting negatively on anyone else – nod and tip your hat – we can pick all day at the contradictions – we can pick all day at the haters contradictions can’t we?

    reality again.. he is happy and that is something you can’t buy – he is lucky that he is in a position to have such opportunities but not silly enough that he lets those opportunities pass him by – thats all that matters and that is why he deserves respect – – he may not receive any fortunes from his ‘daddy’ when the day comes – he may not expect it – don’t hate as he ain’t hurting you – ask yourself why does it hurt you and bring you to rain on his journey?

    ride on mate and enjoy..

  51. George MacDonald Avatar
    George MacDonald

    It’s nice when you have money. Try living with no support from a rich daddy. see how far you cycle before it becomes a chore and the bane of your existence. The only free man is the one that lives without money or the need for it. the perma-culture farmer is free… the rest of us are slaves.

  52. Barry yeager Avatar
    Barry yeager

    Haters are gonna hate simple as that
    You gotta admire the guys commitment to freedom and not being boxed in.
    People will hate because they aren’t willing to sacrifice the things he has to live life on his terms.
    I point blank admire him and I’m not afraid to say so !

  53. Nunya Bidnez Avatar
    Nunya Bidnez

    Hmmm. In theory, it sounds awesome to just be….

    But if/when he gets sick and shows up at an emergency room and takes advantage of ‘the system’, then what? I’ll bet he’ll be thankful that some of us work and keep the evil ‘system’ going.

    It all sounds hypocritical to me.

  54. bert xmaatxhuisx Avatar
    bert xmaatxhuisx

    Jon Jandai: work? (TEDx) (about 15 minutes)

  55. gary Avatar

    One day I was working on my truck and trying to lift a rebuilt transmission in place and bolt it in. A homeless guy walking down the street stopped and offered to help. He slid under the truck and held the transmission in place while I bolted it in. He didn’t want any money so to thank him I let him take a shower and gave him clean clothes. After that encounter I got to know him over the next couple years, he was always willing to pitch in and help wherever he was needed and never asked for anything in return. I once asked him why he didn’t get a job and a place to live, he said he preferred to be free.

  56. charley Avatar

    I have never worked a day in my life- nor intend to. Work is just something I do not do. Others do. Those less fortunate than myself and I am very grateful they exist. The very idea of having to do something I do not want to do for years on end, getting up early,
    travelling to/from work , spending time with people I do not like terrify me . I would sooner take a chance and rob a bank or attempt some other crime than ever join the workforce. A big THANKS to all the workers out there-