“Water-Glassing” Unwashed Eggs Preserves Them for Up To 2 Years

Our great-grandparents used this long-lost egg preservation method before refrigeration existed

Got more eggs than you know what to do with in the summer and not enough in the winter? Afraid they won’t last long enough in the fridge even if you had enough room to store an extra 12 dozen?

Our great-grandparents had a solution for that problem – water-glassing!

Water-glassed eggs are simply raw, unwashed, unrefrigerated eggs, sealed in a mason jar full of lime water for long-term storage. The lime fills in the pores of the eggs and encases them in a shell of “glass.”

They are best used within a year or 18 months, but many backyard-chicken owners swear they tasted fine up to 2 years later!

Warning! This preservation method does not work on washed or store-bought eggs. Washing eggs removes the protective natural coating called a “bloom,” which keeps air and bacteria out. Without the bloom, the eggshell is porous and the lime water will soak in and ruin the egg.

With the bloom, the lime water helps seal the egg so not even the tiniest bacteria can enter and eat the egg before you do!

Luckily, water-glassing is super easy!

Carefully place your unwashed, unrefrigerated eggs into gallon-sized, or half-gallon-sized mason jars, cover in lime water, and seal the container!

You’ll need to mix in an ounce of pickling lime (calcium hydroxide) for every quart of water. Spring water or distilled water are best.

Mark the dates on your jars, store in a cool, dark place and you’re done!

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