Gates-Funded “Apeel” Produce is Coated in Supposedly Banned Trans Fat!

Infamous, heart-clogging trans fats were banned by the FDA a decade ago, but a loophole still allows them in the form of emulsifiers and preservatives, which is what Bill Gates is now coating your organic fruits and veggies in!


Don’t buy any fruits or veggies with the new “Apeel” stickers on them! They are covered in an invisible, tasteless, odorless, coating designed to double their shelf life and appearance of “freshness.”

The “edible” peel can’t be washed off and is funded by Bill Gates.

In case that doesn’t speak for itself, let’s talk about the mysterious ingredients this “edible” film is made from.

Apeel’s website boasts that the product has “only one ingredient” — “mono and diglycerides.”

What the heck is that? Good question.

It’s a byproduct of oil processing — including partially hydrogenated soy and canola oils — that contain small amounts of trans fat, which were banned almost a decade ago by the FDA, but are still hidden in the food supply under the names “monoglycerides” and “diglycerides.”

The FDA deemed trans fats “unsafe to eat” in 2015, after decades of research linking them to heart disease and diabetes, but left a loophole for the “food” industry to sneak them into our diets unlabeled.

The FDA regulation applied only to trans fatty acids in the form of tri-glycerides, not mono- or di-glycerides, even though they smaller amounts of contain trans fats.

But because they are used as emulsifiers (binding water and oil), instead of as the fat source in the food, the trans fatty acids don’t have to be labeled!

In fact, products that include less than a gram of trans fats PER SERVING can be labeled “Zero Trans Fats.” The trick is, the serving sizes are very small (1 Ritz cracker, for example) and people often eat dozens of them!

During the manufacturing process, monoglyceride and diglyceride mixtures can also become contaminated with very small quantities of toxins, such as:

  • lead
  • nickel
  • ash
  • cadmium
  • mercury
  • arsenic

Additionally, the Weston A. Price Foundation points out that these foods aren’t actually “fresh.” They are preserved from visible signs of spoilage and rotting. They are sealed so that they can’t breathe or lose moisture, as nature intended them to.

This enables produce to be shipped around the world, spending weeks in transportation and storage, with no visible indicator of how long ago it was plucked from the vine.

Avocados, citrus fruits, apples and plastic-free English cucumbers coated in Apeel are already being sold in the U.S., Canada and Europe, but soon dozens of fruits and veggies like asparagus will be coated in it.

Look carefully at labels as the “Apeel” logo isn’t always obvious.


And don’t think you are safe just because you buy organic! Apeel has “USDA Organic certified formulations” of their mono- and diglycerides too!