Stock Up on Incandescent Lightbulbs! Sales Banned in U.S. After July 2023

You have 3 months to stockpile incandescent lightbulbs before they disappear forever! Incandescent bulbs emit healing, calming infrared light/heat, while LEDs emit high-frequency blue light that is blinding us and disrupting our endocrine systems.

The Biden Administration quietly banned incandescent and halogen lightbulbs in April of 2022 , forcing us to use health-harming LEDs.

The Department of Energy regulation made it illegal to manufacture the heat-producing bulbs after July of 2022, and illegal to sell them after July of 2023.

So we only have 3 months left to buy the last of what has been made!

The regulation bans all bulbs with an energy efficiency of less than 45 lumens (of brightness) per watt, which rules out incandescent and halogen bulbs, which produce heat to create a full-spectrum, natural light, like the sun.

LED lights (which is the only “choice” we are now left with) emit a blue, fluorescent light, often covered with various filters to make it appear more “warm” or orange.

Constant exposure to this  high-frequency, ultra-violet light, without the balance of low-frequency, infrared light damages our eyes and wreaks havoc on our endocrine systems. See my article: The Dark Side of LED Lighting.

This is why red-light therapy has become an increasingly popular way to calm the nervous system, improve sleep, mood, mental clarity, reduce pain, repair cells, and reverse wrinkles and hair loss! A recent study

I was just recently thinking of writing a post titled “Incandescent Light Therapy,” as incandescent bulbs are the closest electric versions we have of fire, candles and the sun. The one thing they all have in common? Heat-producing infrared light.

But then I heard this news this morning and realized, there is no time!

Now’s your last chance to load up your Amazon carts with “vintage” incandescent bulbs!

Amazon is not my favorite company, but it’s the easiest, cheapest place to find them as they are far and few between in brick and mortar stores these days (and hopefully I will make a few bucks by you clicking on the links above)!

I made sure I bought all I could afford before you all buy up the last of their inventory, but I’m hoping you all will stockpile them in your basements,  so I can buy them on the blackmarket later!