Misguided Vegans Shut Down Regenerative Wool Shop in Asheville, North Carolina

There’s no more sustainable fabric than wool from pasture-raised, mob-grazed sheep!


Brainwashed vegans have shut down this woman’s wonderful, ethical, 100% organic sheepskin storefront in wannabe-woke Asheville, North Carolina:

Saunders told us vegan animal rights activists began harassing the owner of the Marquee Asheville, the city’s largest market for hosting her booth that sold 100% organic sheepskins, wool blankets, pet beds and rugs for a year and a half.

“He said his phone was ringing all day long,” Saunders said. “He was receiving like 10-30 emails a day. They started blowing up his Google Ads and Facebook ads with 1-star reviews for supporting ‘the last outpost for animal cruelty in Asheville.’”

It was negatively affecting business so much that the market eventually asked Saunders to close up shop, especially because the same activists had repeatedly vandalized a shop that sold furs in Asheville in the past.

Support her online store EastPerry.com by gifting one of the most beautiful sheepskin rugs you’ve ever seen to someone special this Christmas! My personal favorite is the “Strawberry Blonde.”

East Perry’s sheepskin rugs, wool area rugs and wool blankets come from free-ranged sheep on small-scale farms in the Ossetia mountains of Russia, Poland and Kyrgyzstan. The sheep are raised for milk and wool and eventually meat, and their lives are ended in the most respectful way possible.

“The ritual around their death is ancient and sacred,” says East Perry owner Janine Saunders, who lived in Russia for 8 years. “We’ve established a relationship with the farmers and artisans alike. Our blankets take two weeks to knit by hand and are crafted by a mother and daughter who live next door. The process is human and deeply rooted in community.”

When raised according with nature (i.e. mob-grazed like bison and other herd animals), sheep can actually transform desert back into grassland! When’s the last time you heard of cotton or polyester doing that?

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East Perry’s sheep hides are naturally tanned without chemicals, dyes and heavy metals that often make people think they are “allergic to wool,” and are not stripped of their natural lanolin oil.

Studies are showing that natural, untreated wool can even be therapeutic for people who have eczema and other skin irritation conditions.

Saunders started East Perry after witnessing the soothing effects natural sheepskin had on her newborn son. Not only are they super soft and cozy, they regulate body temperature, stimulate blood flow, and have a grounding and calming affect on the nervous system. Her customers have even reported reduced arthritis and joint pain after sleeping on them.

The company also offers Moroccan-woven rugs and pet beds made from ethical wool.