Return to Now is a news blog dedicated to helping humans live fully in the present, by gleaning tips from our primitive ancestors to help us create a more harmonious future.

Topics include permaculture, forest gardening, regenerative agriculture, natural living, natural health and natural parenting, homesteading, living-off grid, sustainability and environmentalism.

Our writers Sara Burrows and Brad Jordan live with their 9-year-old daughter on a 20-acre food forest in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina, where they are learning how to let Mother Earth feed them for free with as little labor as possible.

Brad is a foodie and excellent chef, a former food truck-owner turned gardener and blogger, with a bachelor’s degree in communications Western Michigan University.

Sara has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from San Diego State University. She worked as a reporter at The Carolina Journal in Raleigh before becoming a full-time mom and now blogger.